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EDM Lounge Interviews FIGURE

Josh Gard has had quite the year. As FIGURE, Josh jumped into the growing scene and established himself as one of the breakthrough bass acts for the year 2012. With one of the most dedicated online fanbases of any electronic artist big or small, on top of an innovative, filthy sound, he's going nowhere but up in the coming months. We had the pleasure of seeing his headbanging closing set at Soundwave Festival in Tempe, AZ a few weeks back, and were lucky enough to ask the Dubstep prodigy a few questions we just had to have the answers to.

What would you name your take on Dubstep?

I suppose genre really isn't a part of my creative process. Something lends to the inspiration - whether it being something I saw, heard, thought, or read during the day - and then I write. It's just me being me. After something is finished and released, the public may associate it with this genre or that genre, but I would just say it's "FIGURE" music.

Is there anything different you've noticed about the crowd or the energy between smaller shows and massive events like EDC?

The support has been crazy. I feel lucky and blessed to get to do what I love to do. I still play a lot of shows where I have to take a step back and wonder how I got there. Red Rocks has always been a dream, and looking out from the huge stage at EDC and seeing so many people just going off... it's amazing. But I love the smaller shows. It feels intimate and the room is darker. People can just shut their eyes and lose it. That, and I like getting to hang out with everyone after the set.

What is the most exciting thing that has happened to you as a producer so far?

Every day is something new that freaks me out, such as getting to play some of these venues and collaborating with other artists I've always idolized. But mostly, I would say that the people that are listening are what make it most exciting. I self-publish, so it's powerful to create something and release it sometimes hours after it's done and get immediate feedback. No rules. It's more of a conversation than throwing stuff out there, hoping it sticks.

Any advice for people trying to break through into the DJ scene?

Just do you.

Do you have any hilarious or ridiculous stories from touring?

Tons… and I'll deny them all (laughs).

What can we expect to hear from you next, and when?

It's my favorite time of year, so I got to channel my inner horror geek and put out Monsters Vol 3 for Halloween. This one captures more of the creepy, scary feel of the season. It's out now on my site. After that, I’ve been working on some new stuff for the fall and winter.

How does it feel to have outdone the mighty Calvin Harris at Soundwave?

Ahh... none of that now. I think all the artists on the line-up did an amazing job making Soundwave a sick day for everyone that went. Some people say this DJ or that DJ is their favorite, and that's cool. It's good that the organizers work to make it diverse so there's something everyone can get into. I had a blast.

Can we get an ID on the track with the "there's no turning back now" sample? That one was particularly gnarly.

"No Turning Back" is out now on Monsters Vol 3 along with a remix by J.Rabbit that goes hard. It's one of my personal favorites from the release.

Monsters EP Vol. 3 - Out now on iTunes!

By Sara Landry

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